112M Two Way Plow

112 Two Way Plow


Like the Model 112 but with a compound curve on top of the moldboard. More curvature provides more confinement of the snow until it's thrown off the side of the moldboard. The 112M Features six 1/2"x3" vertical ribs, 3 hinge points, and 60" outside hinge centers.

Available Options

  • Power Angle Locking (PAL) Attachment
  • 8"Adjustable Caster Wheels
  • Adjustable Skid Shoes
  • Adjustable Mushroom Shoes
  • Special Colors
  • Driving Lights
  • Road Contour Package
  • Rubber Snow Deflector
  • Moldboard End Markers
  • Polyurethane Moldboard
  • 3/16" Moldboard
  • Continuous Weld
  • Reinforced Semicircle
  • Lift Chain Springs
  • Rubber Cutting Edge
  • Polyurethane Cutting Edge
  • Wrap Around Curb Bumper
  • Carbide Cutting Edges
  • Flame Hardened Edges
  • Blade Shoes